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Scouting Discover Scuba Diving Offer

Thanks to PADI, Sussex Diving & Leisure and The Scouting Association experiencing the wonders of the underwater world has never been more accessible.
Instead of the normal £55 we are offering the  scouts this fantastic experience for just £20, yes that’s right £20.
We have found the easiest way to explain the experience is by Q&A so we have listed below the most common questions and their answers.

What’s involved?

You start with a home study session teaching you about what you will be doing, the equipment involved and the important safety information.
You are then ready to meet with your instructor for the in-water session where we will introduce you to the equipment get you kitted up and take you under water.

Who can undertake the experience?

Broadly speaking anybody over the age of 10 who is physically fit and comfortable in the water.  A self-certification medical form will need to be completed when you register with PADI and providing no risk conditions are identified you way to adventure is open.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all the equipment, all you need is your normal swimming costume, a towel and a T shirt to put on under the equipment in the swimming pool.

How long will it take?

Dependant on ability the eLearning takes between 15 and 20 minutes.
During the in-water sessions the poolside briefing takes around 10 minutes followed by 20/30 minutes in the water dependant on the group size.

Where and when will the in-water part be held?

The Pool we use is Havant Leisure Centre, Civic Centre Road, Havant.
Our allocated sessions are on a Saturday and Sunday evening.
As a result of the popularity of this event we have contacted other facilities and are awaiting replies.

We have access to our own swimming pool facilities can you come to us?

YES – With pools closing across the country, time in a pool is at a premium.  So if you have a preferred swimming pool providing the price is comparable we are more than happy to look at coming to you.

How do I book?

We would rather take “Troup bookings” as this is easier to administer, however if your troop doesn’t want to make a group booking we wouldn’t want anybody to miss out so watch our shop page for individual places.

Do you have dates already arranged?

As this is the first time this promotion has run it was impossible to gauge in advance how much interest there would be and unfortunately we sold out almost immediately.
We are currently working to add additional dates to the diary, but don’t worry we have the next 5.5 months to accommodate your needs so I cant see anybody being disappointed.  As long as it is booked before the end of June Sussex Diving & Leisure will give you a price promise.

Why can’t I use my local PADI Dive Centre?

Only dive centres who have been awarded the converted status of Youth Training Centre are able to take part in this promotion, that is why there are so few listed on the Scouts website.

How Many Scouts can you teach at a time?

For safety and child protection reasons we limit the group size to 2 PDI Professionals to 5 students with a total number of 10 in the water at any one time.
Don’t worry if you have a large group we have done this kind of thing before for Schools where we work in teams to provide 20 experiences in an hour.

How do I pay?

With this experience we have cut costs to the bone so we would prefer payment in cash or bank transfer to avoid card transaction fees.  Due to the high demand payment is in advance at the time of confirming the date / numbers and is non-refundable or transferable.

How do I book or get further information?

Until our supplier releases the next block of dates we are unable to confirm dates.  Initially we are requesting that Troop Leaders canvas their scouts to assess approximate numbers  and email us at info@sussexdiver.com.  Initially we will offer / allocate dates on a strict first come first served basis, however if you want to plan further ahead towards the summer we may be able to set dates earlier.

Can I talk to someone about this?

You can reach Dave on 01243 202200 and he will be happy to discuss this fantastic offer!!

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PADI Recreational Facility
PADI Recreational Facility

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